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Migrant/Seasonal Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers often have a high occurrence of diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, dental needs and more. We offer a full range of health services for our local migrant and seasonal agricultural workers (MSAW).

Workers employed in the direct farming of crops and their families qualify for these services. A migrant agricultural worker is someone whose principal employment is seasonal agricultural work and who moves to temporary housing to seek this work. A seasonal agricultural worker is an individual with permanent housing whose employment is in agriculture on a seasonal basis.

We assist migrant/seasonal agricultural workers and their families by removing barriers that prevent access to critically needed care and support.

Services available at include:

All patients who are experiencing homelessness are accepted into our program regardless of insurance status.

A letter from the farm owner or supervisor will qualify you for the program. To schedule a medical or dental appointment, please call 843-663-8000 and press 1 for a scheduling representative.

For more information about our services for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, please call 843-602-6159.

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