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$1.8M Grant Provides Thousands Of Women Contraceptive Care at LRMC

Nearly 18,000 women have received contraceptive care at Little River Medical Center locations over the last five years thanks to grants totaling $1.8 million through South Carolina nonprofit New Morning.

The care — which includes birth control, family planning education and counseling — helps women who are uninsured, underinsured or low income.

Pam Davis, CEO of Little River Medical Center, said the medical center reaches women ages 15 to 44, with most women between the ages of 20 and 30.

“It’s been exciting,” Davis said. “The funding has been able to assist us in adding an additional nurse practitioner…as well as expand our program.”

LRMC has conducted training, provided contraceptive counseling for men and women, and has been able to reach women who are becoming sexually active or thinking about becoming pregnant. The grants have also helped fund long-term contraceptive methods that are more costly than the birth control pill.

In the first year of the program, 993 women benefited from contraceptive services at LRMC. And last year, about 6,800 women benefited from the services.

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